It's all in the details




To me Presentation to me is everything!

When planning intimate dinners or Girls' night type of events, the initial consultation plays a major role; ask key questions about the audience; do they like reading, fashion, traveling?  Once you have an idea then it’s planning time.

When setting the table, adding little personalized touches really make a huge difference.



These are some of my favorites:

Bracelets as napkin rings:

Not only is it a take away from the dinner, but it is also a great conversation piece. You can explain why they were chosen, what each one represents; if they are beads- what are their meanings. And this idea is great for the men too.  Leather and friendship bracelets are great choices. So you kill two birds with one stone. Décor and a little something for the guests that says “you are special".


You know your guests so get creative. Instead of adding menu cards to the plate. Add the menu card to the inside of a small journal. Many of them have beautiful covers. Some of the covers I love have beautiful quotes, fashion pictures, exotic destinations or just plain colorful. Play on your guests interests.

Personalized Glassware:

This is one of my favorites. In lieu of place cards, I love to personalize the champagne flutes. If you find some funky ones, you can personalize them with some silver or gold glass pens and your guests can take them with them after a night of toasting to your friendship.

Small Quote Frames:

I love these!!! Again what better way to initiate conversation than by reading some inspirational quotes all over your table. In this day and age we need all the encouragement we can get. So pull them out of IG, print them, and put them in a cute frame and place them on the table.

Just a few ideas to spruce up your table for your guests.

Happy Planning!!!